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2010-12-06 21:05:21 by MisterSquishy

sup! cows are funneh. yep. bye.

Hello, Poop Junkies!

2010-06-18 18:44:23 by MisterSquishy

I am so bored, I am bored! Please give me some ideas. Thanks from Hawaii!! Oh yeah.

Horse Beanies

2010-05-02 14:09:06 by MisterSquishy

Yesterday, I had some really good chicken.


2010-02-06 22:27:25 by MisterSquishy

I like NG, but some people dont know how to treat a noob (suck on THAT mikew114). I like Magnet-Boy though.


2010-01-24 19:47:54 by MisterSquishy

Sup!! Im new...but already like the hell outta dadnme!! Send me comments!